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SAS® Job Execution Web Application: What It Is & When to Use It

Package any logic, such as access, prepare or modify data – anything you can do with the SAS programming language

About the webinar

The SAS Job Execution Web Application is a web-based client used to create, manage and execute jobs.

Included as part of SAS® Viya®, the Job Execution Web Application provides developers an environment to develop and run applications that can both access data and apply the complete Viya feature set of analysis and presentation procedures.

It can access any SAS data source or external file and create new tables, files or other data targets that are supported by SAS.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply built-in SAS Viya authentication mechanisms to create applications that can directly access both compute (CAS actions and SAS procs) and the APIs.
  • Analyze and display information on the web and let your web users immediately retrieve the information they need.
  • Create applications that provide web output without investing a lot of programming time.
  • Create applications that run on a variety of web browsers.

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About the Expert

Joe Furbee
Developer Advocate, SAS