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How Do I Use SAS® Event Stream Processing With ONNX Models?

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About the webinar

Join this webinar to learn how SAS Event Stream Processing supports ONNX format models for inferencing using the ONNX Runtime technology.

We’ll show you how data scientists can integrate trained ONNX format models for streaming analytics on the edge and cloud.

SAS Event Stream Processing’s native integration with ONNX Runtime removes a lot of the model deployment complexity and lets the data scientist focus on training the most effective model for the problem at hand by simplifying the task of deployment on various supported GPU and CPU hardware.

You will learn:

  • How to take advantage of models like neural nets for computer vision use cases including object detection and classification.
  • How the integration of ONNX Runtime with SAS Event Stream Processing combines streaming analytics with simplified testing and deployment on different GPU and CPU accelerated hardware.
  • How you can deploy ONNX format models to gain maximum benefit using sample projects provided through GitHub examples.

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About the Expert

Daniele Cazzari
Global Lead for IoT, Edge and Cloud Analytics Solutions, SAS

Daniele Cazzari has more than 10 years of experience on Internet of Things edge-to-cloud architecture supporting automotive, manufacturing and insurance customers. He has a proven record of successful projects run at major original equipment manufacturers to develop connected solutions using in-vehicle equipment addressed to major car and truck makers in the EMEA and NAFTA markets. He is currently supporting the SAS-Microsoft partnership as technical lead of cloud-native SAS IoT solutions aiming to simplify data processing and analysis from edge devices.