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Your Digital Twin Will See You Now: How the Internet of Medical Things and Edge Analytics Are Changing Health Care

How connectivity and IoMT data enable faster, more precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans

About the webinar

Value-based care and patient-centricity have emerged as global paradigms to address how patient and overall health care are delivered and paid for.

This incentivizes care providers to better engage patients and to more consistently adopt evidence-based medicine in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

And a major driving force behind this transformation is the emergence of the Internet of Medical Things, or more specifically, connectivity between patients, clinicians, machines and care environments.

This webinar will explore perhaps one of the most important elements of this transformation – the concept of the “digital twin,” an algorithmic, dynamic, in-silico representation of a person’s present and future health status.

Why attend?

  • Learn how a digital twin enables faster and more precise diagnoses and more scientific determination of the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.
  • Explore how IoMT connectivity will ultimately result in an exponential increase in the amount, dimensionality and velocity of data available for operational and clinical decision making.

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About the Expert

Mark Wolff
Advisory Industry Consultant and Chief Health Analytics Strategist, Global IoT Division, SAS