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Deploying AI

Learn how to consistently and reliably deploy and maintain AI applications.

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About the webinar

Research shows that less than 50% of all AI algorithms are ever deployed.

That’s a lot of time and effort wasted.

While cultural and process issues have a role to play, the technical path from development to production has proven rocky.

Deploying and maintaining AI applications at scale requires a different approach.

That’s why experienced AI practitioners have turned to MLOps.

Building on tried-and-true methods like DevOps and CI/CD, MLOps allows a multitude of AI models to be seamlessly deployed and maintained. 

Join us as we explore:

  • Why you need to learn from software engineering methods.
  • How to upgrade DevOps to the new world of data and AI.
  • Ways to adapt existing architectures and tools to deploy AI.

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About the Experts

Yannick Martel
Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Capgemini

Diana Shaw
Senior Product Manager, SAS

Kimberly Nevala
Strategic Advisor, SAS

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