Ask the Expert Webinar Series

What Is Deep Learning?

On-Demand • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

Deep learning is an area of machine learning that has improved the performance of general supervised models, time series, speech recognition, object detection and classification, and sentiment analysis.

The complex, brain-like structure of deep learning models is used to find intricate patterns in large volumes of data.

This webinar will introduce the audience to the fundamental components of deep learning and detail how deep learning is different from traditional neural network modeling.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of deep learning.
  • How to use deep learning in SAS.
  • What autoencoder models are and how they can be used.

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About the Expert

Robert Blanchard
Principal Data Scientist, SAS

Robert Blanchard builds end-to-end artificial intelligence applications. He also researches, consults and teaches machine learning with an emphasis on deep learning and computer vision. Blanchard has authored an introductory book on computer vision and has written several professional courses on topics including neural networks, deep learning and optimization modeling. Before joining SAS, he worked under the Senior Vice Provost at North Carolina State University, where he built models pertaining to student success, faculty development and resource management. Before that, he was a member of the R&D group on the Workforce Optimization team at Travelers Insurance. His models at Travelers focused on forecasting and optimizing resources.