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Is Customer-Centric Data Privacy an Oxymoron? Your Customers Don’t Think So.

Learn how brands can meet and even exceed their goals in the age of data privacy.

About the webinar

Despite what you may have heard, data privacy and customer experience are not at odds. In fact, when brands treat data privacy as a key component of the customer experience, everyone wins.

But the truth is, only 54% of consumers believe that brands can be trusted to keep their data private.

When brands securely store customer data, they can effectively predict customer behavior and manage the customer life cycle. In turn, customers feel more confident about sharing personal information.

The key is providing transparency: Let your customers know what you’re doing with their data and offer them the right to be forgotten. They’ll appreciate you for it.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The effect of impending and existing privacy laws on data collection, marketing and automated decisions.
  • The customer perspective on data privacy.
  • How brands can stay compliant while still offering a great CX.

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About the Experts

Todd Wright
Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAS

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Senior Software Manager, SAS