On-Demand Webinar

Data Management for Streaming Data

Learn how to automatically ingest, transform and prepare streaming data in near-real time.


About the webinar

Data preparation is the task of blending, shaping and cleansing data to get it ready for analytics or other business purposes.

But streaming data – such as that created by transactions, sensors and IoT devices – poses a unique set of challenges.

The process can often be time-consuming, redundant and frustrating for the user.

So how can you streamline the data preparation process to take advantage of the fast-moving data flowing through your business?

Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Build a formalized data quality process.
  • Ingest data from multiple data sources to a streaming data pipeline.
  • Operationalize the data pipeline to promote automation and repeatability.
  • Load prepared streaming data to downstream analytic processing.

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About the Expert

Kumar Thangamuthu
Principal Technical Architect, SAS