On-Demand Webinar

Customer Experience Lessons Learned in a Pandemic: Notes From Retail and Beyond

Join this Jay Baer webinine – a short-form webinar – for a quick discussion on which retail shifts from the pandemic are here to stay.

About the webinar

There is no “pandemic pass.”

72% of companies say customers’ expectations have escalated since the pandemic, and perhaps in no sector more than retail.

From distancing and masking, to supply chain and labor, retail today looks a lot different than it did pre-COVID.

But it isn't necessarily worse, it's just… different.

Join this dynamic, timely session with Andrew Fowkes, Head of SAS’ Retail Centre of Excellence, and marketing and CX expert, author and advisor Jay Baer.

You will learn:

  • How retail has changed during the pandemic.
  • Which shifts will remain and which CX processes will swing back.
  • How analytics can help identify trends and future predictions.

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About the Experts

Jay Baer, marketing and CX expert, author and advisor

Andrew Fowkes, Head of Retail Centre of Excellence, SAS