On-Demand Webinar

Create a Resilient Data and Analytics Strategy to Make Informed Decisions in Uncertain Times

Learn specific analytic strategies to weather the storm during hard times – and thrive after they’ve passed.

About the webinar

Even during the best times, analytics should be embedded in all your decisions.

But in times of crisis and uncertainty, when organizations have to redefine their goals and rethink their strategies, analytics is especially important.

Analytics can help you uncover new ways of doing business and accomplishing your goals during hard times.

But even more than that, the right analytics strategy can ensure that your organization thrives when the crisis passes.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Give your teams consistent access to trustworthy data, no matter where they are.
  • Apply DataOps and ModelOps to accelerate your analytics.
  • Create a central analytics repository for collaboration, access, archiving and documentation.
  • Reduce costs and time by optimizing analytic processing efficiency.
  • Quickly deploy models at scale and closely monitor their performance.

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About the Experts

Kim Kaluba
Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Management, SAS

Sarah Gates
Global Product Marketer for the SAS Platform, SAS