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Building a Single Source of Data for Data Science, Discovery and Decisioning

Learn how to build a single source of data for use by SAS® Viya® and SAS®9 users without centralizing all your data.

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About the webinar

For organizations looking to add value for their existing SAS®9 users, building a single source of data for both SAS® Viya® and traditional Base SAS users can be the perfect gateway to solving the most sophisticated analytic challenges.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of building a single source of data for use by SAS Viya and SAS®9 users and how it can better equip the organization to meet future analytic challenges. We’ll also look at how organizations are using both SAS Viya and SAS®9 and how to prepare for a shift in user needs of both.

Why attend?

  • Learn the best ways to measure the value of analytics improvements.
  • See how to build a single source of data for analytics without centralizing all your data.
  • Better understand how to take advantage of both SAS Viya and SAS®9 in your analytic architecture.
  • Get ideas for leveraging the processing power of source data systems and protecting data quality while simplifying data access for analytic users.

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About the Experts

Ken Pikulik, Teradata Corp.

Ken Pikulik provides a unique perspective on analytics with a broad range of experience working with big data solutions. He currently works for Teradata to facilitate the collaboration of analytic solutions across different technology platforms, including SAS. His two decades of experience with data-driven and cloud applications include work with solutions for the Internet of Things, analytics, supply chain, security and more. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  

Jeff Stander, SAS

Jeff Stander is responsible for data management in the Global Technology Practice at SAS. He listens to customers’ needs and ensures the alignment of SAS products and services to meet those needs. He supports SAS offices globally to ensure readiness to meet the latest data management requirements. Stander started at SAS in 1987 and has worked with organizations in more than 50 countries. He holds an MBA degree and a BS in systems science from the University of West Florida.