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For Marketers and CX Pros, What's the Right Balance Between Automation and Empathy?

Join this webinine – a short-form webinar – for a quick discussion on the balance of digital transformation and empathetic customer service.

About the webinar

The pandemic put the pedal to the metal regarding digital transformation.

In fact, the average digital transformation acceleration for companies during 2020-21 was six years – meaning that digital initiatives slated to be launched in 2026 are already in place.

That's exciting. But with much of that digital transformation rooted in AI-assisted automation and efficiency, especially in the marketing and CX spheres, is efficiency the enemy of empathy?

Can brands embrace automation and still treat customers as humans? And how can analytics help identify and preserve the right balance?

Find out in this dynamic, timely session with Joan McGowan, Banking Industry Advisor at SAS; and marketing and CX expert, author and advisor Jay Baer; that shines a light on the uncomfortable side of the marketing/CX convergence.

You will learn:

  • The effect of digital transformation on customers.
  • How AI can help you find a balance between automation and human customer interactions.
  • What to include in the plans you’re making now.

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About the Experts

Jay Baer, marketing and CX expert, author and advisor

Joan McGowan, Banking Industry Advisor, SAS