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Baking With Arrays Versus Cooking With Hash: In-Memory Lookup Techniques

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About the webinar

Hash objects and arrays are exciting.

But it’s easy to get lost and not grasp the micro-level difference between the two techniques. Both are in-memory data step techniques. The big difference is that arrays are to hash as baking is to cooking.

Arrays are like baking. Cake ingredients must be measured exactly. The dough must have the right texture and consistency before being put in the baking pan.

Hash objects, on the other hand, provide more creativity. You don’t need all the measurements at compile time. Unlike an array, which needs exact measurements at compile, with hash objects, you can change as you go.

Join us and learn the difference between these two in-memory techniques.

You will learn to:

  • Write code to use arrays and hash objects and easily spot the differences between the two.
  • Improve your programming efficiency using arrays and hash objects.
  • Execute complex data manipulation tasks with fewer lines of code.
  • Use efficient and convenient in-memory techniques for quick data storage and retrieval.
  • Save on input/output, one of the most expensive computing resources, by utilizing arrays and hash objects.

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About the Expert

Charu Shankar
Senior Technical Training Specialist, SAS

Charu Shankar has been a SAS Instructor since 2007. With a background in computer systems management, she engages with logic, visuals and analogies to spark critical thinking. Shankar also curates and delivers unique content via the SAS YouTube channel, SAS global forum, SAS Ask the Expert webinar series, Programmer Week and the SAS Training Post blog. SAS users are a big passion, and she loves to roll up her sleeves and support them by teaching at user conferences on topics related to SAS®, SQL, efficiencies, SAS® Viya®, etc. When she’s not teaching coding, Shankar is a Health and Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. She also loves exploring Canadian nature trails with her rescue husky Miko.