Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Best Practices in Migrating SAS® Code to Leverage CAS

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About the webinar

SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) is the cloud-based run-time environment for data management and analytics execution. It’s suitable for both on-premises and cloud deployments.

CAS is the execution engine for SAS® Viya®, which can run on a single machine or in a distributed environment across multiple machines. In both cases, the platform provides multithreaded processing.

CAS provides a single, cloud-ready environment that enables data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives to efficiently uncover insights about their data and analytics.

Knowing how to migrate SAS code to CAS is essential to capitalizing on the capabilities the environment has to offer.

Join us as we share:

  • Best practices for migrating SAS code to CAS.
  • CAS terminology and processes.
  • Where CAS shines (its sweet spot).
  • The biggest challenges in migrating SAS®9 code to SAS Viya.
  • First steps to getting started and workarounds for unsupported features.
  • Coding examples and case studies.

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