On-Demand Webinar

Applying Continuous Delivery to Industrialize Data Pipeline Deployment

Discover how data engineers, quality assurance and DataOps teams can collaborate efficiently and deploy high-quality data pipelines to production.

About the webinar

Automating the content promotion process between development and production is crucial in accelerating the data and analytics lifecycle.

By establishing an automated continuous integration and continuous delivery process, you can increase overall quality and reduce the time needed to develop, validate and deploy your data pipelines into production.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to apply DataOps principles to provide a framework necessary for aligning all stakeholders towards a continuous delivery approach.

Why attend?

  • Discover how a continuous delivery approach can speed up your data and analytics lifecycle.
  • Learn how different teams can collaborate to ensure seamless deployment of high-quality assets into production.
  • Find out how SAS® Viya® integrates with popular DevOps platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft Azure DevOps and others.

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About the Experts

Neil Griffin
Technology Futures Data Architect, SAS

Kunal Shah
Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Alexey Vodilin
Product Manager, SAS