On-Demand Webinar

Data for Good: Achieving Net Zero

Explore how analytics can help organizations transition to clean energy and a sustainable future.

About the webinar

Many governments around the world aim to improve energy efficiency, decrease dependency, diversify supplies and replace fossil fuels with renewables in homes, industry and power generation.

The European Commission’s Fit for 55 package, which grew out of the European Green New Deal, set ambitious goals. Concurrently, geopolitical tensions and fossil fuel restrictions have caused a steep rise in energy prices.

Join this webinar to learn how data and analytics can play a big role in transitioning to a sustainable future. You’ll learn how AI can help improve efficiency and reduce waste with data-driven decision making.

Why attend?

  • Discover how AI can accelerate progress with automation.
  • Learn how advanced techniques such as computer vision, demand forecasting and optimization can be used to meet the need for profitability, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Find out which approach to embrace when getting started with AI, based on lessons learned from implemented projects.

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About the Experts

Paul Koot
Data Scientist, Notilyze

Brecht Seifi
Analytics Advisor and Technical Account Manager for the European Union, SAS

Federica Citterio
Data Scientist, SAS

Colin Debrunye
Professor in Energy Technology and Power Quality, University of Antwerp