On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Open Source Forecasting With SAS®

Learn how SAS® Visual Forecasting provides an open forecasting ecosystem for quickly and automatically producing reliable forecasts.

About the webinar

Better forecasts are a far-reaching and fundamental component of better business decisions.

Many organizations begin with an open source strategy, using Python or R to prepare data and build forecasts, and face challenges when trying to scale across the enterprise.

Join us to learn how running open source forecast models with SAS Visual Forecasting helps organizations build on existing open source strategies in an agile, efficient way.

Our experts will explain how SAS delivers a distributed, scalable and resilient way to run open source forecasting projects in an open ecosystem.

Find out why you no longer have to choose between SAS and open source – it’s truly a complementary relationship.

What you'll learn:

  • Automating manual processes.
  • Accelerating open source run time.
  • Augmenting with built-in best practices.
  • Scaling to enterprise use cases.
  • Enabling an interactive, collaborative workflow.

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About the Experts

Jessica Curtis
Principal Solutions Architect, SAS 

Andrea Moore
Principal Solutions Architect, SAS