Agility, Automation and the Customer Experience 

Learn about the strategies and technologies to help you move into the next decade designing customer-focused programs that drive brand profitability.

According to our Experience 2030 global study, by 2030 67% of in-person customer engagements (think sales assistance and information queries) will be completed by smart machines rather than humans.

And yes, it may be a bit ironic that the most personalized customer experiences involve no people at all.

But the fact is that this level of automation will provide businesses the agility they need to make better, faster decisions for their customers.

This multi-part series of on-demand webinars explores how you can balance the use of smart machines and human ingenuity to build a brand that thrives through the next decade.

Session 1
Master Agility and Automation for Lasting CX Advantage

Learn why brands that succeed in the coming decade will be the ones that rethink their approach to technology and consumers.

Session 3
Make Better Decisions With Analytically Driven Marketing

Learn how the analytical scoring of attribution models can help you optimize marketing operations and outcomes.

Session 2
Mastering Decisioning to Stay in the CX Game

Learn how to achieve real-time data collection and analysis to proactively meet and exceed customer requirements.

Session 4
How to Measure Operational Effectiveness and ROI in Today’s Global Environment

Learn how to improve business processes and operate with agility in today’s uncertain environment.

Meet our experts

Wilson Raj
Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS 

Liz Miller
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research

Lisa Loftis
Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Nicole France
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research

Suneel Grover
Advisory Presales Solutions Architect, SAS

Brian Alfond
Senior Solutions Architect, SAS

Jonathan Moran
Global Product Marketing, SAS

Bernard Marr
Founder and CEO, Bernard Marr & Co.