Breaking Down AI for IT

IT is the tip of the spear for AI initiatives. Uncover the latest learnings and technical considerations for success.

Across nearly every industry and aspect of our lives – AI is growing. It’s driving innovation across all aspects of organizations and spurring new ways of doing business.

It’s not a question of whether AI is coming. It’s already here.

What IT should know when Deploying AI

AI capabilities like computer vision, optimization, forecasting, machine learning and natural language processing have transformed the way humans see, understand and process data.

Why does this matter to you? Knowing how to plan for, accommodate and operationalize these technologies is key to AI success.

Listen in as break down the technical considerations of AI through the lens of IT management.

Computer Vision

Computer vision trains computers to interpret, understand and react to the visual world.


Forecasting helps you predict future outcomes quickly and automatically.


Optimization helps you determine the best allocation of resources.

Machine Learning

Machine learning enables systems to learn and make decisions with little to no human intervention.

Natural Language Processing

NLP helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language.

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