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Save 55% on your certification exams!

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What Do I Need to Know About Kubernetes?

Ask the Expert: What Do I Need to Know About Kubernetes for Administering SAS® Viya®?

Join this live webinar on December 7 to learn how Kubernetes and SAS Viya intersect, especially in the areas of administration and deployment. You will learn how running SAS in Kubernetes does not change everything about administering SAS Viya, which administration tasks require interacting with Kubernetes directly and which do not, and much more.

CI/CD: Keeping up with the SAS Viya Infrastructure-as-Code project

Now that SAS is optimizing for continuous improvement and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of software, you can unfortunately hit a snag when it comes to provisioning your cloud hardware as a place to run SAS Viya. Rob Collum did just that, and he’s sharing what he learned while solving the issue.

A generic method for copying backup packages for migration or disaster recovery

Available in SAS Viya 2021.4, Gerry Nelson explains a new generic approach to making a backup package available to a target environment. This includes a SAS Viya migration or disaster recovery, regardless of the cloud provider of the target SAS Viya environment.

SAS Supported Operating Systems

Did you know that you can get supported OS information for SAS Viya, as well as SAS Foundation products and servers, release 9.4 and earlier, all in one handy location? Well, you can; so go check it out!

Content Assessment delivers utility applications to support SAS Viya Content Migration

SAS Content Assessment is being updated every month to match the SAS Viya development efforts in the migration from SAS 9.4 to SAS Viya. Gerry Nelson explains the new applications to Content Assessment which extend its capabilities beyond the assessment of a SAS 9.4 environment and begins to assist with the execution of migration to SAS Viya.

Best practices and tuning guidelines for your hardware, storage, file systems, and operating systems

Everyone needs a refresher now and then, so Margaret Crevar recently reminded us that there are several pages that discuss best practices and tuning guidelines. Find out about SAS Grid, SAS on the Public Cloud, SAS on Virtualized Infrastructure, and more.

Ask the Expert: How Are SAS®9 and SAS® Viya® Administration Different?

Join this live webinar on January 6 to learn the similarities and differences between SAS 9 and SAS Viya administration. We’ll show you a side-by-side comparison of architecture, users and group data, and security.


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