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January 2021

Dear Readers, 

I hope your new year is starting off strong and healthy. If your 2021 goals include increasing your SAS knowledge, I have some special treats for you -- starting with a free on-demand webinar: What are best practices for upgrading to the latest version of SAS® 9?

Then be sure to check out the training path for SAS admins. You have access to courses and certifications. If you’re like me, you might want to ‘try before you buy.’ So check out the SAS® Learning Subscription, which is free for 30 days and offers material appropriate for admins and architects.

And if you’re a new SAS admin, welcome to the fold. Check out Raymond Thomas’ blog post titled “A day in the life of the SAS Platform Administrator.” I think you’ll find it quite helpful.


Thanks for reading,

Shelley Sessoms
Follow me: @SSessoms
Editor, SUGA Download


Live webinar: How Do I Migrate Data from One Database Management System to Another?

Live webinar: How Do I Migrate Data from One Database Management System to Another? 

February 4, 2021 

Many organizations want to migrate their data storage to less expensive and infinitely scalable environments. You need to address certain considerations before taking on a migration. Join this webinar to learn best practices to efficiently migrate from one database management system to another. Register now

Live webinar: Moving from SAS® 9 to SAS® Viya: A guide to SAS Viya infrastructure and configuration

Live webinar: Moving from SAS® 9 to SAS® Viya: A guide to SAS Viya infrastructure and configuration 

February 10, 2021 

SAS 9 processing is largely serial, with very few multi-threaded steps. Its concurrent job workload resource demand and system management is very different from the highly parallel SAS Viya workload environment. This SUGA presentation by Tony Brown will provide a simple understanding of how SAS Viya works and what resources, infrastructure and configuration is needed to make it operate smoothly and with high performance. Register for the live and on-demand versions. 

The SAS® 9 content assessment tool

The SAS® 9 content assessment tool 

The SAS 9 content assessment tool is a collection of four applications to aid customers in understanding the makeup of their current SAS 9 system. It is available for Linux and Windows, and documentation is a part of each download. Check it out today. 

SAS programming run-time architecture with the new SAS Viya

SAS programming run-time architecture with the new SAS Viya 

Throughout the evolution of analytics, one thing has remained constant -- preserving the capability to execute the same programs that you could run some time ago. Over the years and the different releases, SAS has always been able to execute classic SAS program code. How does the new SAS Viya (2020.1 and beyond) run SAS code? Edoardo Riva explains in this communities article. 

Using SAS 9 inventory to validate an upgrade or migration

Using SAS 9 inventory to validate an upgrade or migration

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects to an upgrade or migration project is validating the post-upgrade environment. One of the first concerns of an administrator is to ensure that all of the content from the source environment made it to the target environment. This communities article shows how an administrator can use the SAS 9 Inventory to compare contents before an upgrade to contents after an upgrade to identify the differences. Get the full details.

SAS Viya 2020.1 (and later) front door ingress HTTPS with customer provided certificate

SAS Viya 2020.1 (and later) front door ingress HTTPS with customer provided certificate 

A common scenario for many customers is for their IT team to provide the TLS certificate they want to use to secure traffic to their environments. In this communities article, we look at the steps that need to be completed to secure access into SAS Viya 2020.1 (and later) with such a certificate. Check out two scenarios using the Ingress Controller (NGINX). 

The interdependence of SAS Viya and Kubernetes administrators

The interdependence of SAS Viya and Kubernetes administrators 

The latest version of SAS Viya is going to have a tremendous impact on administrators. No longer will a SAS Viya admin be able to lord over a domain of dedicated hardware without regard for other applications or administrators. The latest version of SAS Viya will only run in a Kubernetes cluster which will likely host other applications, and be managed by a Kubernetes admin. Ultimately, the line blurs between the responsibilities a SAS Viya admin handles and those a Kubernetes admin handles. Read more about this interdependence.