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Finding your best customers with machine learning

Seacoast Bank enhances customer value using AI and SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya.


IoT: The customer experience accelerator you can't afford to

IoT represents a powerful source of data that, when combined with analytics, can yield insights on everything from behavior to emotions to health. And that's why it's key to improving customer experience.

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Data lineage: Making artificial intelligence smarter

For AI to reach its full potential, the data feeding its algorithms and models needs to be well-understood. Data lineage plays a vital role in understanding data, making it a foundational principle of AI.

Automatic robot arm with imaging sensor in assembly line working in factory

How to drill a better hole with analytics

From drilling holes to preventing health care fraud, learn about some of the new technologies SAS has patented with IoT and machine learning technologies.

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IFRS 17: Waiting is not an option

‎IFRS 17 is a principles-based accounting standard for the future-oriented valuation of insurance contracts. Designed to increase financial transparency, IFRS 17 requires insurers to report in more detail on how insurance and reinsurance contracts affect their finances and risk.



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