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Congratulations to our Top Women in Analytics!

In our first annual casting call, we asked women in technology to share their stories, ideas and passion projects for our new content series. No surprise, narrowing the field of submissions was difficult!

SAS is proud to feature our Top Women in Analytics and stories that will empower, inspire and make you think. Each video features a unique view that intersects life and technology, exploring ideas like how to take control of your career by betting on you, why diversity in analytics is critical, how to make your voice heard, and much more.

These leaders, innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs are building the kind of future we want to be a part of.

Join us.
Make a difference.
Be the difference.

SAS Women in Analytics is your place to connect with exemplary leaders, innovators and role models. Get inspired, be supported, grow your network and elevate your profile.

WIA Casting Call: My Digital Brand and I
by Nydia Assaf Aragon

WIA Casting Call: Discovering Analytics From Alternative Fields
by Ina Conrado

WIA Casting Call: Dream, Believe and Connect
by Sylvie Faucillon

WIA Casting Call: Quantifying My Present Self
by Kelly Hobson

WIA Casting Call: Three Lessons to Inspire You to Play Big Authentically
by Jennifer Neilson

WIA Casting Call: Analytics High Tea for School Girls
by Delia North

WIA Casting Call: Your Biases Help You Make Better Decisions
by Banu Raghuraman

WIA Casting Call: Curious Leaders Create Collaborative Consequences
by Christine Schoaff

The opinions and views expressed in these videos are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of SAS or its affiliates.

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The SAS Women in Analytics (WIA) Network is a community aimed to strengthen diversity in the analytics field.

The network leverages the SAS values of authenticity, value for work/life balance and passion to build a community of women who are interested in and advocate for women in analytics. Learn more about WIA.