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Marketing for Tomorrow’s Customers

A series of on-demand videos that explores how you can adopt new marketing strategies and create the relevant, empathetic brand experiences that customers expect.

On-Demand Videos

Marketing for Tomorrow's Customers
Full-length show (90 min.)

Where First-Party Data Goes, Tech Must Follow
(30 min.)
Bojan Belovic, Principal Technical Architect – Decision Management, SAS
Lisa Loftis, Principal Management Consultant – Customer Intelligence, SAS

Modernizing Your Marketing – People, Processes and Technology
(15 min.)
Mike Turner, Principal Business Advisor – Customer Intelligence, SAS
Simon Spyer, CEO, Data Driven Future, Iris Worldwide

“Do It For Me” Customer Analytics
(15 min.)
Adrian Carr – Head of Marketing AI and Decision Science, SAS

Marketing Measurement – Data-Driven Attribution
(15 min.)
Jonathan Moran – Global Product Marketer, SAS
Suneel Grover – Advisory Solutions Architect for Marketing AI and Decision Science, SAS