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Marketing for Tomorrow’s Customers

It’s time to rethink the customer experience.
It’s time to think big. And think small. From a crowded and competitive marketplace to the most minute details about your customers – it’s time to get started.

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Join us at Marketing for Tomorrow’s Customers, our virtual event that explores how you can adopt new marketing strategies and create the relevant, empathetic brand experiences that customers expect.

This isn’t another thought leadership event or product demo. We’ll focus on the strategies and innovative thinking you’ll need to craft exceptional customer experiences.

We’ll explore real-world use cases, technology approaches and more to help attendees:

  • Accelerate the value delivered from marketing.
  • Increase profitability, reduce costs and foster lasting brand loyalty.
  • Better understand how the latest analytics, AI and CI technologies can support your customer strategy.

This is your chance to get ahead of the changes reshaping marketing and the customer experience.

And did we mention our emcee? Jay Baer is an internet pioneer, a seventh-generation entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author of six books, and the founder of five multimillion-dollar companies.

Who better to lead us through an exploration of what’s happening in marketing and customer experience?


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Presenter: Jay Baer
Where First-Party Data Goes, Tech Must Follow
Presenters: Bojan Belovic and Lisa Loftis
Modernizing Your Marketing – People, Processes and Technology
Presenters: Mike Turner and Simon Spyer (Iris Worldwide)
Do It For Me Customer Analytics
Presenters: Adrian Carr
Marketing Measurement – Data-Driven Attribution
Presenters: Jonathan Moran and Suneel Grover

Expert SAS Presenters

Bojan Belovic
Principal Technical Architect – Decision Management

Adrian Carr
Head of Marketing AI and Decision Science

Lisa Loftis
Principal Management Consultant – Customer Intelligence

Jonathan Moran
Principal Product Marketing Manager

Mike Turner
Principal Business Consultant - EMEA CI Practice

Suneel Grover
Advisory Solutions Architect for Marketing AI and Decision Science

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