On-Demand Webinar

From Idea to Action: The Keys to Real-World Evidence and Analytics

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, will show that while real-world data is the latest industry buzz, is it that valuable? Without the power of analytics, it might not be.   

About the webinar

While the potential value of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) in health care and life sciences is largely undisputed, many organizations face challenges in analyzing the data and obtaining actionable insights.

Advanced analytics holds the key to transforming RWD into value within your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the impact of combining analytics with RWD to drive decision making across drug development, cohort creation, protocol design and more.

With examples from leading organizations, including BC Platforms, attendees will see the importance of using a trusted analytics platform to achieve greater efficiency in research efforts and support collaboration across health care and life sciences.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the impact of real-world data on health care and life sciences organizations.
  • Unpack the importance and dependency of advanced analytics for actionable real-world data and evidence.
  • Discover the power of SAS®, with its collaboration tools and data, in driving toward the future of efficient, patient-centric care outcomes.

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About the Experts

Kayt Leonard (Moderator)
Global Principal Industry & Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Kayt Leonard leads market strategy and engagement for the SAS Global Health and Life Science Practice, using her extensive industry expertise to differentiate and position SAS within a complex, changing and crucial market. Leonard received a B.A. from North Carolina State University and is a master’s candidate at Harvard University, researching global access to health care and international health disparities.

Sherrine Eid
Principal Industry Consultant, SAS Health Care & Life Sciences

Sherrine Eid has over 20 years of experience in real-world evidence, epidemiology and biostatistics. Her passion for better public health led her to work for USAID, CDC and other donors in global health development, focusing on reproductive health and family planning and infectious diseases. Her current focus is supporting regulatory, safety, late-phase and post-marketing activities across therapeutic areas using clinical and real-world data to glean real-world insight.

Kate Prior
VP, Data Delivery, BC Platforms

Kate has more than 20 years’ experience in Clinical Research with a focus on clinical operations and customer-facing account management. After years in the CRO space she joined BC Platforms to further explore ways the abundance of available Real World Data can be used to support patients and unmet medical needs.