New data, new analytics for better decisions: true innovation to support the business

Companies like yours produce huge quantities of data every day due to digitalization, mobility, growth, business innovations…if only used correctly, such data opens numerous opportunities and represents an enormous potential and asset for the company.

Do you want to find out how to best utilize all new data and ensure business growth by making accurate, analytically-driven decisions even faster? 

It´s simple...accept our invitation to the SAS Analytics in Action Roadshow 2016, and join us at one of the events in Ljubljana on April 5th, Zagreb on April 6th and Belgrade on April 21st.

As you will see, advanced analytics is becoming a crucial parts, of each business process. Throughout presentations and demonstrations of our
experts, customers, and partners, you will have a chance to hear how to make most of analytics through several real-life practical cases, like

  • How the innovative approach in pre-approving loans and optimizing their limits enables banks to significantly boost loan sales while decreasing credit risk and costs, improve product penetration and utilization, and activate sleeping clients.
  • How a wholesaler increased service level, decreased required working capital, reduced workload, and centralized the purchasing process.

  • How to identify, address and prevent credit card fraud using advanced analytics.

  • How a risk management department uses an integrated, interactive, in-memory platform to achieve significant synergies in both data analysis and visual reporting.
  • How a FMCG retailer lowered inventory costs and increased margin from better store replenishment using advanced demand-driven forecasting capabilities.
  • How a bank deepens customer insight in order to offer relevant products/services and optimize associated costs.

Do not hesitate and register now, as the events are FREE OF CHARGE – note that the number of attendees is LIMITED.

SAS Analytics in Action Roadshow 2016 addresses companies and public institutions
and is an unique opportunity to share experiences, solutions and new
approaches to any business challenge.