Stjepan Anić

Stjepan Anić, CEO at Op2M Company, is one of the leading experts in C/SEE in fields of risk control and management, financial regulation and business process optimization in financial institutions. He has gained practical experience during a long career in commercial banking in positions ranging from project manager to management board member, as well as through numerous consulting engagements related to the regulatory compliance, risk management, optimization of key business processes and corporate governance in financial institutions. He is a Regional innovator in the field of risk education and assessment, with extensive experience in the country and abroad. Stjepan has MS degree in Engineering Physics from Zagreb's University.

Aleksander Pivk

Aleksander Pivk, Practice Leader at SAS Adriatic Region, deals with solving different business problems using advanced techniques of data mining, primarily in banking, telecommunications and retail industries. His main fields of work are analytical CRM (Customer Relationship Management), credit risk modelling, analysis of social networks, collection optimization, fraud detection, and text analytics. He has gained practical experience through many client implementations, where he is responsible for creating a vision (of the project), project management, business and technical consulting, coaching and knowledge transfer – always with the aim of creating value and improving measurable results. Dr. Pivk joined SAS in 2006, immediately after the completion of his doctoral studies with an emphasis on the discovery and extraction of knowledge from text. He is also a researcher at the Department of Intelligent Systems, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, and a member of the ECCA (European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence) and SLAIS (Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society).