On-Demand Webinar

Model Development Lifecycle

About the webinar

The Model Development Lifecycle (MDL) details how data scientists and algorithm projects can comply with the algorithm charter in practice. The MDL is available for anyone to use under a creative commons licence and is designed to be quickly adapted to other users – it could be just what you need to move your algorithm implementation forward quickly. 

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Exactly what is involved in implementing an operational algorithm in practice
  • Fairness, transparency, simplicity, co-design and change management as key components of a modern algorithm
  • Governance of algorithm projects to manage data science risks and opportunities 

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About the Experts

Dr Todd Nicholson
Nicholson Consulting

Armed with his extensive knowledge of advanced statistics, machine learning and AI, Todd strives to identify business problems that can be solved in a transparent way using data with the drive to make those solutions as simple as possible. Todd is accompanied with over 15 years of experience delivering transparent and simple solutions to complex business problems across the government, private and charitable sectors.  During that time he has developed, deployed and maintained numerous operational algorithms for NZ government agencies. He also holds an award-winning PhD, a Bachelor of Science with honours (Mathematics) and has taught over 100 courses in data science and analytics. 

Leigh Couper
Ministry of Social Development, Wellington

Leigh has been managing the data science team at Ministry of Social Development in Wellington for two years. She comes from almost a decade of data and analytics provisioning and consultancy in Melbourne - starting as a developer/analyst, moving into Chief Data Officer and Product Manager roles. Educated in Mathematics, Fine Arts, and Meteorology, a stint as a Public Weather Forecaster for Metservice was followed by Predictive Modelling Analyst for Eircom in Ireland, before heading to Australia. Leigh has two inquisitive young girls, is unashamedly an enthusiastic data nerd, and a proud Southlander.