On-Demand Webinar

Data Management Fundamentals: Core functionality for modern enterprise data platforms

About the webinar

Effective enterprise analytics requires proficiency in the underlying practices of enterprise data management.

Historically, data management tools have provided targeted capability in functional areas: BI tool, ETL tool, data quality tool, data catalogue.

Few tools have provided automation across multiple core practice areas of data management. 

Today, modern enterprise analytics solutions should support these fundamental practices as “baked in” core functionality, not added on as an afterthought.

Without proficiency in these fundamental areas (governance, metadata, quality, reference/master data) progress on all data projects and improvement initiatives will be impaired.

Join this SAS and Catapult BI webinar where we will discuss:

  • Which data management practices are the most fundamental
  • How to get started with data management
  • Which tools can best support these practices
  • New data management capabilities in SAS Viya

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About the Experts

Dr Jon Gray
CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Catapult BI

Jon has over 30 years experience in ICT research, teaching, and consulting. As CEO of Catapult BI, Jon provides technical and commercial leadership for this data services brand of the Dialog group of companies.  Jon is a thought leader in the ICT industry, and he is a frequent speaker at Australian and international conferences.

Achal Patel
Domain Lead – Data Management, SAS

Achal has 15+ years of experience in consulting, advisory and technical roles, leading large engagements to support senior data executives with enterprise data strategy and roadmap. Today Achal leads the Data Management domain for SAS ANZ. Achal is responsible for driving data strategy and architecting modern data platforms that help organisations leverage data assets for analytical insights and data driven business decisions.