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Join us for a half-day exchange at SAS to explore the new emerging analytics culture of Analytics in Action, which is fuelled by the innovative, experimental and unconventional spirit of the millennial generation.

Agenda Highlights

Internet of Things — Welcome to a World of Integration, Intelligence and Intimacy

By 2020 the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to empower 26 billion devices connecting home appliances, cars, buildings and cities. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations will eventually have to rely on IoT to improve efficiency and engage customers at more personal levels. The challenge, however, is to figure out how to manage the waves of data that these IoT devices bring. How should we address the IoT complexity in analytics and what are the key considerations?

Tapping the Power of Edge Analytics: How Can We Pull the Right Strings?

By adding another layer of intelligence to where the data is generated, edge analytics helps reduce the quantity of data and network communications overhead. Edge analytics is therefore the perfect answer to the influx of data that results from the advent of IoT. But what are the skills data scientists and decision makers need to effectively manage the size, speed and spread of IoT data? How can we create an analytic culture that propels the transformational opportunities promised by IoT?

Analytical Life Cycle: Managing the Value Chain

At SAS we break the analytics journey down into more detailed, iterative steps, called the analytical life cycle, which basically guides you through the steps required to produce fact-based insights that ultimately lead to competitive advantage. Who are the stakeholders and what are the deliverables at each step? How do we apply agile methodologies into the analytical life cycle?

SAS — Analytics in Action

With data processing being mobilized and autonomic data collection taking the fore, the analytics landscape is changing. But do not let the complexity be a deterrent as SAS is in an ideal position to facilitate your journey towards a new analytics platform.


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Date and Venue

16 June 2016

8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

SAS Training Centre, Level 6, Menara CIMB, KL Sentral