23 July, Kuala Lumpur | 25 July, Penang

SAS AIoT Summit 2019

Unleash IoT with the
power of AI in Malaysia

23 July 2019, Tuesday | W Hotel, Kuala Lumpur | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

25 July 2019, Thursday | Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang | 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Transform Connected Devices into AI-powered Experiences

The true power of IoT doesn't come merely from connecting devices or collecting data. To disrupt business-as-usual, forward-looking companies are combining AI-based platforms with their existing IoT infrastructure to create a new breed of AIoT systems that can make decisions and learn through ongoing interactions with users, service providers and other devices.

SAS AIoT Summit: Your Roadmap to AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)

At the inaugural SAS AIoT Summit, discover how AIoT has transformed the fortunes of businesses from manufacturing, energy and utilities to oil & gas and supply chain companies. AIoT is crucial for smart cities development which is vital for the government to collaborate with the private sector and successfully fine-tune systems and improve the lives of citizens.

Listen to AIoT experts and pioneers as they share how you can:

  • Anticipate and exceed customer needs: Konica Minolta uses sensor data from its smart copiers to enable just-in-time delivery of supplies, and predict the life of parts based on the status of use to establish proactive maintenance
  • Maximize fleet productivity: Volvo Trucks monitors fault data from the vehicle and its parameters to carry out preventative maintenance before vehicle failure occurs, minimize costly disruptions, and improve uptime on the road
  • Create better urban environments: Wuxi New District in China improves quality of life by constantly monitoring and improving factors such as energy efficiency, air pollution, water use, and traffic conditions
  • Manage natural resources such as water more efficiently: The State of Rajasthan in India mine and analyse real-time data like pH, turbidity, chlorination, flow, pressure, and other aspects to ensure equitable water distribution for its citizens


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All the insights you need to create business value from AIoT as well as the latest developments in the industry.

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