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Modernizing Scenario Analysis with SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS Viya®

Learn to leverage the power of SAS Viya for doing Scenario Analysis.

Date: 20th May, 2022 | Time: 3.30pm IST

About the webinar

Data scientists and statisticians spend months perfecting their models and presenting results. Even the best models have little value if a decision maker can't see them, or worse, understand them.

To make greater use of models, decision makers need more than just the daily numbers. They need to find out how the results will change under varying scenarios.

To quickly get scenario analysis functionality out, data scientists typically place parameter estimates within a carefully crafted spreadsheet and send it to decision makers. This inevitably results in multiple, scattered versions of files that float around the company, forever to be lost to the ethos of email and shared network drives.

Learn how with SAS Viya and SAS Visual Analytics, all scenario analysis and visualizations take place from one location. So, everyone has access to not only view current results, but also to produce scenarios, score data and run the most recent version of models in both SAS and open source languages.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Scenario Analysis with SAS Visual Analytics – An overview of a couple of common use cases.
  • Overview of SAS Viya Job Execution Service.
  • Overview of Data Driven Content.
  • Implementation approach and best practices for doing scenario analysis in SAS Viya.

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Anindo Chatterjee,
Senior Consultant – Customer Success, SAS

Anindo Chatterjee is a Senior Consultant in the Customer Success team at SAS India.

In his current role, he has assisted multiple customers across different business verticals with the adoption of SAS solutions on SAS 9 and SAS Viya. He has closely worked with customer to develop methodologies for doing a wide variety of analysis on SAS, including data mining, machine learning, forecasting, data exploration and visualization.