Sparking the right decision in Energy & Utilities

How real-time intelligent decisioning can help utilities support customers and protect the bottom line

About this eBook:

In economically challenging times, utilities need to walk an ever-narrower tightrope. As more customers fall into arrears and bad debt rises, utilities are left with very few options to balance their books. 

At the same time, customer expectations around service levels are on the increase. As it becomes faster and easier to switch providers, consumers have less tolerance for poor service or uncompetitive pricing. Since serving existing customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, maintaining loyalty and minimising churn is vital to maintain market share without eating into already slender profit margins.

This eBook will suggest that the future sustainability of the energy and utility sector depends on retailers’ ability to identify and respond to changing customer needs in a much more proactive manner than ever before.

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