Hyperautomation - Believe the Hype - CSP



Empowering communications service providers to deliver the digital enterprise with hyperautomation

5G networks offer a huge opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to create and monetise whole new classes of products. However, to take advantage of this opportunity, CSPs need to transform their core business processes to enable real-time coordination across a large and complex ecosystem.

To operate these next-generation networks at speed and scale, CSPs must automate their processes from end to end. This will require a shift to a new paradigm: hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation is the convergence of digital operating systems, workflows, robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI), to deliver high-value autonomous processes through intelligent decisions.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how hyperautomation can help CSPs deliver the digital enterprise through autonomous processes with intelligent decisioning at the core of every workflow.