AI Dividend C-Suite Technical Viewpoint

CIOs and CTOs working in AI - where do they really see the AI opportunity?

In our recent focus groups, the C-Suite (Technical) group comprising the likes of CIOs and CTOs, said they had a positive outlook regarding AI, but are finding their biggest challenge is

convincing the rest of the board.

Everyone is talking about the crucial role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to play in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, it’s an area that attracts lots of comment and opinion on how it should be used and to ensure it’s used in a way that’s fair, ethical and of benefit to society.

SAS arranged a series of focus groups for experts and practitioners to collectively discuss their views on AI. The fell into one of five specified groups: students, data scientists, academics, and C-suite business leaders (such as a CEO or CFO) and C-suite technical leaders (including CIOs and CTOs).

See here an overview on the thoughts of the C-Suite (technical) group.

If you are interested to compare C-Suite Technical leaders with another group – to understand further views on AI – look here.





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