computer vision

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Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images from cameras and videos and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects — and then react to what they “see.”

Through these three webinars you will understand from our experts how we come across computer vision in our everyday lives, learn how to overcome any project challenges and how to unlock the business value.

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How to Unlock Business Value with Computer Vision (and Deep Learning)

When it comes to AI and it`s potential to change the way we do business, it`s all about complementing human skills and supporting innovation. Deep Learning is one of the foundations of Artificial Intelligence, enabling applications like Computer Vision.

Speaker: Hamza Ghadyali, Ph.D.AI Specialist and Machine Learning Developer within SAS R&D division

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How to Overcome the Challenges of a Computer Vision Project

From recognizing faces to processing the live action of a football game, computer vision opens many exciting possibilities. Find out what it takes to really capitalise on advancements in AI.

Speaker: Matthew Stainer, Principal Data Scientist, SAS UK & Ireland

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What’s Your (computer) Vision of AI?

While some still associate Artificial Intelligence with robots taking over the world, we are surrounded by far more realistic and beneficial examples of AI in our everyday life. Find out how applications of computer vision reinforce the interplay between man and machine.

Speaker: Federica Citterio, Data Scientist, SAS Global Technology Practice

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What it takes to adopt computer vision as part of your business strategy.

These days, we’re producing more visual data than ever before. With revenues from computer vision expected to soar into the billions over the next few years, many organisations have already adopted computer vision as part of their strategy – or are planning to.