How to Unlock Business Value
with Computer Visions (and Deep Learning)

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When it comes to AI and it`s potential to change the way, we do business, it`s all about complementing human skills and supporting innovation. Deep Learning is one of the foundations of Artificial Intelligence, enabling applications like Computer Vision.

About the webinar

In this session, we will describe a specific business use-case for detecting collisions and defects in production lines from video-streams in real-time. We solve this problem by building novel deep learning models using SAS Viya and deploying the model with SAS Event Stream Processor (SAS ESP). In addition we will show how a similar modelling pipeline can be used to solve another important business use-case: Safety Compliance Verification using cameras.

In addition, we will give you a quick overview of new functionalities like the Deep Learning actionset and the SAS Deep Learning Python (DLPy) package, which provides the high-level Python APIs to deep learning methods in SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. It allows users to build deep learning models using friendly Keras-like APIs.

Why attend?

  • Hear about real live business use cases for object tracking in video and real-time deployment
  • Get an overview of the new Deep Learning action set that provides actions for modeling and scoring with deep learning networks
  • Find out about the new SAS Deep Learning Python (DLPy) package

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About the Expert

Hamza Ghadyali, Ph.D.

AI Specialist and Machine Learning Developer within SAS R&D division

Hamza’s interest at SAS is bringing cutting edge deep learning and machine learning models to customers, so that they can unlock the next level of value powered by analytics. One of the most exciting applications is computer vision on the edge, where live video streams can be processed in real-time, and transformed into actionable analytics using SAS Deep Learning.