Allen Russell
SAS Fellow
SAS UK and Ireland

Allan Russell is a SAS Fellow. His interests are in how technology can be used to improve business performance through the use of analytical techniques and processes to improve decision making. As such, he is involved in a small number of customer projects focusing on strategic topics for SAS.  These topics include:

  • Information Management
  • Decision Management
  • Integration of Analytics and Operational Processes
  • Organisation around creation, use and management of Analytics
  • Exploitation and management of Big Data including new topics such as Social Media and Sensor data but also more traditional topics such as archival of results for regulatory reporting

He is one of the principal authors of “Information Revolution: Using the Information Evolution Model to Grow your Business,” published in 2006. The book describes how organisations mature in their uses of information and presents a model that enables organisations to evaluate their use of information objectively, providing a framework to manage and use data as a corporate asset and compete in today's global arena.

Russell joined SAS in 1980 to help build SAS’ nascent European operation, where he played a critical role in establishing SAS’ presence in EMEA and Asia Pacific. Until 2006, he managed SAS EMEA/AP teams supporting the Technology Platform and Applications. Between 2007 and 2012, he was head of SAS’ EMEA/AP Centre of Excellence for Risk Management, which provides risk management solutions to customers in banking, insurance and other industries. It also focuses on diverse needs ranging from Regulatory systems such as Solvency 2 and Basel 3 through to Management Systems such as Risk Adjusted Performance Management.

He graduated in computing science from Glasgow University in 1975.

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