Big Data Analytics

The Key Success Factor of Multi-Channel Marketing

Big Data Multi Channel Marketing For Retailers - Workshop, 31 May 2016

Customers of most businesses expect an authentic and relevant experience across various channels, where the businesses have to effectively collect, integrate, analyze and manage all their customer-related Big Data in order to define and refine their business strategies and sales campaigns. The success of sales and marketing relies heavily on creating a personalized experience for customers regardless of the channels where they are engaged. This demands a laser focus on improving the customer interaction whereby a consistent message that is both relevant and timely can be delivered across various digital fronts.

The challenges of Big Data can be converted by effective data analytics to becoming immense opportunities for the businesses in marketing. In this workshop, you will learn different approaches to effectively perform:

  • Customer Insight - using customer analytics techniques (such as segmentation, product association) to gain insights from Big Data (from both physical and digital selling) to develop an informed business strategy centered on the customer needs.
  • Multi-Channel Real-time Marketing - leading to quicker decisions on improving personalization, timeliness, value and convenience of pushing an offer.
  • Digital Engagement - enabling company to capture customers' behavioral data from digital channels, then analyzing them and taking the most effective actions.

Who should attend?

Organizations looking to embed customer-focused marketing activities across business lines will find this workshop very helpful. Attendees will be from customer analytics departments, marketing areas, digital groups, customer experience, IT areas or a combination of these organizations.

Space is very limited, so please reserve your seat now!

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