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Multi Cloud and Analytics Report

Multi Cloud and Analytics Report

How to avoid the pitfalls of multi cloud and analytics platform environments.

About this Report:

Virtually all decision-makers at enterprise organisations in the UK & Ireland face challenges arising from having data in multiple clouds, according to research. These include different answers to the same question depending on which cloud the data resides, high costs, slow speeds to obtain insights, and poor accuracy.

Similar challenges are also arising from using multiple analytics platforms. Businesses are getting different answers to the same question from their analytics platforms, with accuracy and a slow time to value also major concerns.

This report sets out what the challenges are, why they have arisen, and five steps organisations can take to overcome these issues and start delivering fast, accurate insights from analytics.

More than 200 key decision-makers across the UK & Ireland in data, analytics and cloud services, each from companies each with more than 3,000 employees, took part in the research..