Finding Billions down the back of the NHS Sofa


Finding the £ Billions down the back of the NHS Sofa

How NHS organisations can significantly optimise spend by reducing error, waste, non-compliance, and fraud.

With demand for health services at an unprecedented high, the need to support our front-line services is now more pertinent than ever. But how can the NHS go about funding public services when the economic impact from the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to sustain NHS funding at current levels?

New efficiencies must be found, but where will the money come from? Could it be as simple as finding it down the back of the NHS sofa?

In this paper, you will learn more about spend optimisation:

  • How optimising spend can benefit NHS organisations and society as a whole
  • The top four threats to NHS spend control
  • Addressing the £ billions opportunity for the NHS
  • The need for a new smarter approach


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