Artificial Intelligence: Searching for the AI Dividend

The views of AI experts from data scientists to the boardroom

Prof. Sally Eaves
Chief Technology Officer
Author/Speaker and Founder
Aspirational Futures

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, within our smartphones and voice assistants, driving our personalised social media and news feeds, and informing our vehicle GPS… Yet, AI remains probably the most misused, misunderstood and misappropriated term within technology today.

‘The time is now to advance research into optimising the ‘AI Dividend’ by making the ambiguous more transparent and understanding the breadth and depth of views surrounding artificial intelligence and its implications for the future.

‘This new research by SAS does exactly that, bringing together focus groups of academics, students and C-Suite business and technical leaders to gain insights into people’s perceptions, fears and expectations, whilst also building open dialogue across participants in the process.

About this paper

  • What is AI and what is it capable of?
  • What obstacles are holding adoption back and how can they be overcome?
  • How will AI change us and how can we work with it?

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