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Ask the Expert: Modernise your SAS Programming Environment

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series.


About the webinar

Using Python with SAS (Basic Configuration)

This session highlights how a SAS programmer can get started with integrating open-source languages like Python into their SAS programmes using the SAS Studio containerised deployment. I’ll be showing how to do the initial set up required to start a Python subprocess from SAS Studio before demonstrating several methods of using Python and SAS together.

The agenda for this session is as follows:

  • Overview of configuring SAS Studio for using Python
  • The different methods of integrating Python and SAS
  • Validating that your Python subprocess is up and running
  • Demonstrating SAS and Python working together

Why attend?

  • How easy it is to tailor your SAS Studio deployment to your own data needs
  • How to integrate SAS and Python code together
  • The benefits of an open programming architecture

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About the Expert

Barney Brock

Barney Brock
Sr Associate Customer Success Manager, SAS​

Barney has a background is Mathematics and has worked at SAS for nearly three years. He is passionate about getting hands on with tech, is a keen technology enthusiast who loves to learn new things, working side-by-side with our customers as a Customer Success Manager.