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SAS Visual Analytics on React 

Cost: Complimentary

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series

About the webinar

Since June 2023, the GUI technology of SAS Visual Analytics is now based on React (React is a JavaScript framework used to build web interfaces).

In this webinar we will take a closer look into what this means for you as a data scientist or report developer working with SAS Visual Analytics, answering questions such as why React, what are the benefits of React, differences compared with previous versions of SAS Visual Analytics, new features etc.

We’ll also look into the future and highlight some interesting new features to be expected very soon.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is React
  • Changes and differences compared to previous versions
  • Benefits of React
  • New features and highlights

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About the Expert

Carl-Olow Magnusson  – Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS

Carl has been working at SAS for 25 years and his number one passion is data visualization of any form, especially interested in the Art of Data Visualization. Before SAS, he worked as a SAS programmer at Pharmacia, so he actually wrote his first lines of SAS code back in 1992.