On Demand Webinar

SAS Studio API Calls to Improve Code & Flows

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series

About the webinar

SAS Viya is an open platform which allows API calls to be made to various analytical objects. This session will explore using API calls to interact with files and folders to increase productivity, control and governance in the analytical cycle.

Custom steps will be used to demonstrate how code can be made accessible to all users and parameters controlled through interfaces.

What you’ll learn:

  • Using API calls with files and folders
  • Extracting code from flows
  • Building custom steps to make code accessible to all
  • Integrating with GIT and managing code

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About the Expert

George Beevers – Principal Systems Engineer – SAS 

George has been working with SAS for nearly two decades, with the vast proportion on the customer side. He specialises in the modernisation and migration of existing workloads to Viya. He has a keen interest in understanding what current SAS platforms do and how to get them operating in Viya as soon as possible.