On-Demand Webinar

Data mining, modelling, machine learning, forecasting, text analytics, model management & deployment with SAS Viya

Duration: 90mins

About the webinar

A comprehensive visual – and programming – interface supports the end-to-end data mining and machine learning process. The environment enables team members of all analytics skill levels to handle analytics tasks in a simple, automated way.

This Seminar will cover topics such as data access, preparation & quality, synthetic data creation, automated insights and interpretability, bias detection, machine learning, controlable decision trees, automated feature engineering and modeling, deep learning with Python and ONNX support, network analytics, language-of-choice coding, and more.

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Stefan Stoyanov 
Data Scientist at Analytium

Stefan is an Associate Data Scientist at Analytium Group. He is excited about applying data science to help businesses make better decisions while getting the most from their analytics platforms in the cloud. Stefan possesses an MSc in Business Analytics degree from the University of Surrey. He is a Student Ambassador Award Winner for SAS Global Forum 2020. Stefan is passionate about Machine Learning, visual analytics, education and promoting the advantages of SAS Viya to enhance teaching in data science. He has been sharing his experience with SAS Viya in his popular #GameChanger blog series.

Kyriakos Fistos 
Data Scientist at SAS

Kyriakos Fistos works as a Data Scientist for SAS UK&I and he has been involved in numerous projects around the development and implementation of Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence applications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Financial Risk from Cardiff University.