On-Demand Webinar

Capturing and analysing the SAS log

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series.

 Time: 1 hour | Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar:

At the simplest level the SAS log can tell you :

  • That a step succeeded, or why it failed
  • How long a step took to finish, and how many rows were processed
  • Additional information like syntax errors SAS was able to work around

With the correct options set in your session it can also:

  • Indicate which index (if any) SAS chose to optimize a query
  • Show how much memory was used and how much I/O was performed
  • Help you understand the execution plan for a SQL query
  • Make suggestions for improving the performance of the code

Here´s what you will learn:

  • Why analyse the SAS log?
  • Choosing which log to capture
  • Example SAS log
  • How to capture the log
  • Discovering and altering the current logging option settings
  • Parsing the log for information
  • Understanding the log messages
  • Writing your own messages to the SAS log
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Viya specific messages and their meaning
  • Resources and references

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About the Experts

Peter Hobart

Peter Hobart 
Sr Associate  Customer Success Manager, SAS

Peter is a certified SAS advanced programmer, data integration developer and SAS platform administrator. He has worked at SAS for 26 years, in customer support, education, architecture and now customer success. He has written several SAS courses and questions for the SAS certification exams, presented at SAS forums and customer events.