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SAS Big Data Innovation Lab

Increasing numbers of organisations are looking to understand how Hadoop can accelerate their exploitation of increasing volumes of data and analytical processing at a lower cost. The SAS® Big Data Innovation Lab answers this challenge and can be used to build a business case around analytics powered on Hadoop.

With the SAS Big Data Innovation Lab you can;

  1. Get going in just 10 days: Our approach will have you up and running with SAS® and Hadoop in less than 10 days, able to start proving how SAS and Hadoop will facilitate innovation that influences positive business outcomes.
  2. Reduce costs and risks: Using SAS with Hadoop take advantage of a low cost, low risk approach to exploiting untapped data assets, based on either using on-premise commodity hardware, or in the Cloud.
  3. Measure the impact of the Big Data Innovation Lab: As part of our joint investment we can demonstrate how experimentation with data creates innovation that has a measurable business benefit.
  4. Run high-performance and in-memory advanced analytics using SAS on Hadoop: Take advantage of SAS’ advanced analytics to provide insight into new data types and larger data volume to provide a solid case for a new innovation capability within your business
  5. Store and analyse unstructured and un-processed data: No need to pre-process data before loading it. SAS will demonstrate how it enables in cluster processing.

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