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New Accenture meets new SAS

Digital is not only transforming our clients, its transforming Accenture and SAS. Digital is creating a new Analytics Culture like we’ve never experienced before. Digital is generating an ever growing abundance of data, requiring the need to discover its insights in a visual and approachable way. Join us as we discuss how the new Accenture and the new SAS can empower our clients to embrace it, creating a fantastic platform to turn these insights into creative outcomes.

Approachable Analytics: Put the Power of Insight in Every User's Hands

Stu Bradley no palco do SAS Fraud Forum
SAS Fraud Forum - Participantes conversam sobre demonstração em frente a um dos iPads
SAS Fraud Forum - networking entre participantes e especialistas SAS
Stu Bradley no palco do SAS Fraud Forum


SAS works with organisations across the globe and many within the FTSE 100, covering organisations in all sectors from financial services to pharma, oil & gas to retail and manufacturing to public sector - helping customers deliver on defined outcomes. Visit our website for more details:

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