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Accelerating Excellence Across Transport Networks

The case for Artificial Intelligence driven insights

With a customer service mindset designed to increase the performance of our rail infrastructure to improve the passenger experience.  For Artificial Intelligence to be valuable to any organisation, it must be able to learn from vast quantities of data.

What role can AI play in your transformation?

This summary – drawn from the full report Accelerating Excellence at Network Rail – lays out the key areas where integrating  Artificial Intelligence and analytics can help deliver Network Rail’s mission.

  • Incident management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Safety management

Accelerating Excellence at Network Rail

Network Rail: the infrastructure provider with a passion for people

Why does decision making even need to be improved?  Because rail passengers demand it.  They are deeply invested both emotionally and financially in the performance of train services.  They expect to travel reliably, speedily and most importantly, safely

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